Kästle LX85 ski review, 2017/2018 women's All-Mountain Front Category, from our equipment experts at Realskiers.com powered by Masterfit.

For 2018, Kästle elevates the performance of its LX series of lightweight carving skis by shedding its old cap construction and adopting a sturdier square sidewall over the edge. The new LX85 is still relatively soft flexing, it just holds more tenaciously on the groomed surfaces where it prefers to roam. Although the ski's tip and tail are modestly tapered—a typical trait of off-trail skis—and its shovel has a touch of early rise, the LX85 behaves more like smooth carver than a loose drifter. Like all Kästle carving skis adorned with two sheets of Titanal, the LX85 has a special knack for flowing over terrain so calmly one scarcely notices how sneakily it can accelerate to warp speed. The special talent of the LX85 lies in a softer flex that allows the ski to make short, round turns at slow speeds with relatively light pressure. Kästle's LX85 is a solid choice for the less aggressive woman who would rather float over terrain than fight it. The Sport Loft’s Margit Caine called it, “A real nice carving ski, sweet on groomers, corduroy and ice.”