Völkl 90Eight ski review, 2017/2018 men's All-Mountain Back Category, from our equipment experts at Realskiers.com powered by Masterfit.

Committing to a new ski construction is a pricey proposition, so brands are always looking for ways to refresh an existing design. Völkl recently went all in with its lightweight 3D.Ridge design, making it the focal feature for its collection of skis. For 2018, the German brand adds a brilliant feature that elevates performance across the board. Called 3D.Glass, it’s a bottom sheet of fiberglass that runs up and over the sidewall in the ski’s midsection, creating in essence the bottom half of a torsion box. 3D.Glass makes the new Völkl 90Eight more torsionally rigid, so it bites with greater grip on hard snow. Glass is the liveliest material in the modern ski, and 3D.Glass imparts more energy at the bottom of the turn, fueling the transition across the fall line. The extra material also makes the new 90Eight more stable at speed, whether it's pummeling through old powder or lighting up the groom. Pat Parraguirre of Bobo’s found the 2018 Völkl 90Eight to be “Easy turning, accurate and responsive. A great one-ski quiver; strong in all conditions.”

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